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Turn your expertise into a million-dollar course and work 1-2 hours per day from anywhere in the world!

Passive Course Academy

The behind-the-scenes strategies that took us from trading time for money for $2K months to working 1-2 hours per day for $40K months (!!)

A freedom-based business that requires only 1-2 hours of work per day to receive DMs around the clock that say “JUST BOUGHT IT”... 

...so you can spend the rest of your day with friends & family, travelling the world or enjoying your hobbies, all while watching the sales roll in…

Picture this...

Too good to be true?!

It's entirely achievable — our 4500+ clients and we are the living proof.

It’s not luck, it’s strategy.
It’s repeatable. It’s scalable. 

Think again!

We’ll show you how you can do the same by elevating your expertise with a profitable online course business!

We cut the fluff and give you results quickly: 

- Without doing paid ads
- Without having a team
- With Instagram alone
- Working 1-2 hours per day 

If you’re ready to make your passive income dream a reality then…

We've made over 1 million dollars with 1 strategic sales funnel, selling only 1 course, all on autopilot while working 1-2 hours per day…

Welcome go-getter, we’re Ginny & Laura!

We've made over 1 million dollars with 1 strategic sales funnel, selling only 1 course, all on autopilot while working 1-2 hours per day…

15+ years of corporate experience in Marketing & Business

We have 2 Master's Degrees in Marketing & Business (MBA)

We helped over 4,500 people be seen on Instagram, quit their job & make more income

We have grown 2 different Instagram accounts from 0 to over 100k followers

We made over 1 million dollars in passive income selling online courses 






In spring 2020, we both worked in our corporate marketing manager jobs, dreaming of more income and freedom.

We started sharing the marketing expertise we gained from years in corporate and our degrees (Laura with her MBA & Ginny with her Master’s in Marketing) on Instagram… 
The content we created quickly grabbed attention and within weeks, we both started receiving DMs asking for coaching… So we each started a coaching business!

By the summer of 2020, we had quit our jobs and each made over $10,000 with our respective businesses every month!

Coaching brought in a lot of money, but we were still stuck at our desk all day with client calls, working as much as we did in corporate and unable to take time off whenever we wanted…

In other words: we were still trading time for money! We had more income, but no freedom.

How we started...

We decided it was time for a change — to stop coaching individually and join forces to start an online course business together (we connected online and had become business besties already, thanks to Instagram!).

In January 2021, we launched our first online course together and made $402,799 within 3 weeks helping hundreds of students quit their jobs, make more money and gain more freedom! We had not only gained freedom, we also had more impact than we ever had.

The past few years have been a whirlwind of travel, big life changes but most importantly: so much freedom, all while maintaining a $40,000 monthly profit and working only 1-2 hours daily.

We're here to guide you through the steps we took to achieve this level of freedom and success.

Get ready — this is going to change your life!

From unhappy corporate girlies to thriving freedom biz onwers


Laura retired her fiancé, became a digital nomad, and she’s now spending her time exploring, staying in the most beautiful places, and working from her laptop at a beach club somewhere in the world!

After spending 2 years travelling the world, Ginny is now a new mom. She just moved back to France in her dream place, with her 8-month old and British husband. Getting to spend as much time with them as she wants!

  • You want THE step-by-step framework that will unlock income, freedom and impact

  • You’re SO ready to turn your expertise into an impactful million-dollar course (and you believe you can) 

  • You want to make this happen the easiest and fastest way without the fluff

Ready to live your passive income dream?

We tried it all, and we came up with the quickest and easiest way to sell an online course with Instagram... This is THE path to your passive income dream!

We had a big team, we did paid ads, we had a very complicated business… We spent more time than ever behind our screens… Until we stopped it all: without affecting our revenue (actually we increased our profit margin significantly!)

We tried it all, various masterclasses, we had Canva templates, low ticket offers, various lead magnets, we tried many different types of content, messaging formulas, etc.
It took us well over a year to test it all, and cost us way over $200,000… But we found the passive income formula, and we’re going to reveal it all to you!

No DIYing needed anymore, we tested it all for you.

We know what works, and what doesn’t! And we’ll guide you through it.

We know you're here to play small, it's simple: 

Making big moves = Making big money

She created a high-end course in the art niche from scratch and before even launching, she had already 23 students enrolled... 

Up to the point that even the tech couldn’t keep up with her success ;)

Juliene is an artist and helps people slow down with watercolour painting.
She joined PCA two months ago and just DMed us this:

Here’s what action-takers are achieving...

Signed up 23
students and hasn't even launched yet!

Introducing you to...

The exact framework on creating a million-dollar online course with a simplified Sales Funnel & Magnetic Content that will bring new clients around the clock without lifting a finger!


Passive Course Academy 





I want in!

PCA will reveal the secrets behind our million-dollar online course business: the very strategies we used to go from working around the clock and being stuck behind a desk on 1:1 calls, to working 1-2 hours per day turning into $40k months.

We’re going to Turn your DMs into an influx of “Just joined” messages!

By the End of PCA™, You'll Have...

  • A sales funnel that does the hard work for you: you'll be making daily sales in your sleep

  • A remote and flexible 15-hour work week 

  • Made an impact: you'll be helping hundreds of people around the world achieve their goals

  • The freedom do spend more time enjoying life instead of being stuck behind a desk!

  • More money than you ever had

 That’s exactly what
I need, I’m in >>

We cannot wait for you to discover the secrets behind...

Bridge Conversion Funnel

Attraction Messaging

Highly profitable course framework

Magnetic Cash Content

You'll learn how to craft your message to attract high paying client ready to throw their credit card at you without feeling pushy: your ideal clients will see your worth right away!

You'll craft an online course based on your unique framework that will provide INSANE results to your students.

Produce high-quality and relevant content for Instagram that showcases your expertise, engages your target audience, and drives them to take action. Lack of ideas, spending hours creating content for no results and freebie seekers are a thing of the past!

Your content will feed a bridge conversion funnel that will do the hard work for you: you'll be making daily sales in your sleep! 

Create a highly converting sales page, Masterclass, and email marketing that will make your leads turn into sales without lifting a finger.







No expensive or overcomplicated tools needed! We'll show you the quickest and easiest way to build processes so your business runs itsellf (and you get to chill by the pool while seeing sales rolling in!)

I want in!

You'll also get access to this...

  • Masterclass template
  • Sale pages template
  • Instagram posts templates
  • Link in bio template 

We've done the work for you: you just need to fill out the templates with your info and you're ready to go ;)

Done-for-You Canva Templates

5 Months Mastermind: Get personalised coaching from not one but TWO 7-figure entrepreneurs.

We're going to provide you with personalised feedback every single month inside our group coaching calls so we make sure you're on track to achieve your passive income dream!

This space is simply unmatched for its proximity and support! 

Char made her first $10K month selling an online course for book writers 

See the Kind of Results You're Going to Get...

Mandy quit her corporate job

Astrid's business now runs ITSELF

Catie made $7,500 in one month with her Google Ads online course!

There's a reason why our clients are successful...

There’s a reason why we both built a 6-figure business in just a few months separately and then built a third business together that scaled to a million dollars in profit quickly.

It’s not luck. It’s strategy. It’s repeatable. It’s durable. And it’s incredibly scalable ;)

We built a unique system for a wildly profitable online course business that will work for any online course in any niche. This system is so powerful that once it’s up on the back end of your business, it will make you a crazy amount of money, at minimum cost, minimum work and maximum profit.

In full transparency, we work 1-2 hours per day and consistently profit $40K monthly…

While having an amazing impact and helping people like you worldwide live the life of their dreams.

For reference:

❌ We don’t do paid ads
❌ We don’t have a team
❌ We only use Instagram for leads (no SEO, no other social media platforms)

I want this!

The system we show you inside PCA sets you up to make daily sales on autopilot…

And let’s be clear… If you’re not 100% committed and you don’t believe you can make this happen, then this isn’t for you. We still love you, but we want to ensure you succeed! 

Just like in life, the energy you invest is what you get back.

By joining a life-changing program like Passive Course Academy (PCA) you are committing to a whole new level of growth in your business and life. No more blaming others, your upbringing, environment, algorithms, money, neighbour, weather… for not achieving your dream business.

Now is your time, this is a pivotal point on your path to success. You’re the driving force behind your future.

This will work for you if...

  • You're done with making excuses and ready to chase your freedom-based business

  • You’re ready to share your expertise with the world and have an impact

  • You’re eager to transform your approach to business and become ultra-efficient to make sales easily with your online courses

If this is important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find excuses.

We are looking for badass entrepreneurs who are ready to play big.

That's me, I'm in!

Now is your time, this is a pivotal point on your path to success. You’re the driving force behind your future.

Ready to be celebrated as our next PCA success story?

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If you’re here, it’s because you recognize the need for change...

You understand that you can no longer ignore that burning desire to pursue your dreams and construct a passive income empire. You see others achieving it on Instagram, so why not you?! If you want 2024 to be unlike any other year, you must start taking different actions, and do so right away. It’s time to seize control of your valuable time and create income from anywhere!

Reminder: the PCA™ Bundle offer you see on this page, once the timer runs out, you will never see this offer again.


Are You Asking Yourself These Questions?


Passive Course Academy (PCA) is our premium program where you get access to the system that helps you build & scale an online course business with Instagram. It includes lifetime access to 10 modules, a bonus pack, an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs and best of all: 6 months of group coaching calls with Ginny & Laura.
Find us another 7-figure entrepreneur who jumps on calls with their students and gives them 1:1 feedback on anything they’re working on in their business, from content to online courses and sales funnels - we are here to guide and push you to the next level.

Bonus points: you get 2 coaches instead of 1 ;)

Do I get support inside PCA?

Yes, there is a supportive community where you can ask all your questions, join accountability groups and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

And the best part: Ginny & Laura hold monthly group coaching calls until November 2024 where you get to get their brain on your business. From content to online courses and sales funnels - we are here to guide and push you to the next level.

Do you offer refunds?

The minute you decide to invest in yourself by joining the PCA, you’re signing up for a no-excuses, all-in journey towards your highest business potential.

Given the full access you receive to our system from day one — insights, strategies, coaching calls with Ginny & Laura, Google Sheets, templates, swipe files, workbooks and the very frameworks that have made us well over $1 million with 1 funnel and 1 course — we maintain a strict ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Once these resources are in your hands, they cannot be returned or unlearned.
They’re yours to keep, to implement, and to build upon.

Here’s our stance clearly:
- All sales are final, recognizing that you gain immediate and unlimited access to invaluable strategies as soon as you join.
- We can’t offer refunds because the transformative knowledge and tools you acquire from the get-go are irrevocable.
- This commitment is about diving in, not just dipping your toes. It’s about real change, real growth, and real results.

Enrolling in PCA means you’re all in — ready to apply what you learn, engage with a community that lifts you, and drive your business to heights you’ve yet to imagine. If that sounds like a leap you’re ready to take, we can’t wait to welcome you!

Please note: While we equip you with everything necessary for success, individual results can vary. We share our successes to motivate, not to guarantee a one-size-fits-all outcome.

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